Security alarms come in many forms, but essentially they use a sensor to detect movement or someone gaining entry by force to a certain area. If set off, the alarm sends a signal to an alarm panel which then creates an action dependent upon its programming.  The action is most often an automated phone signal to a computer but can be a phone line too.

The resulting action is an investigation, maybe contacting the key personnel or the dispatch of a mobile patrol officer who then responds to the alarm activation to investigate the cause.



We will work with you to ensure that your system is set up with monitoring in line with your instructions to eliminate any unwarranted or unnecessary calls and ensure that your instructions for monitoring are always followed.

You can always rest assured that you, your family, your property or your business are protected.

Our bureau monitoring firm has the latest in monitoring technology and they are not based in one of the major metropolitan centres or overseas offering a friendly and efficient service.

Through the use of smart technology, you are able to access your system in real time even when you are away.